Top Brands You Need To Know Of When Deciding On A Drum Set

Drummers across the globe all have one thing in common: the desire to keep that beat rolling. Many drummers start out by drumming on their mothers cheap pots and lids, with some drummers happy to air drum. But, there comes a time in any drummers life where this is simply not enough. They need to practice on something solid, something real. The quest for a perfect drum kit is to a drummer what a new car is to a car enthusiast. Any drummer worth their weight will want a good set when they go out gigging, therefore, knowing who the top drum set brands are will ensure a good choice is made. Whether you fawn over classic Maple finishes or want the latest in drum set designs, the following brands won’t disappoint.

Pearl Drum Kits

pear drums

Pearl kits have been a firm favorite of drummers across the globe since the very first batch came out in April 1946. Their entry-level Vision series sports a very sound-friendly Birch finish, however, it is the Export series that most drummers start out on. Moving up to the Master ranges will set any drummer back a pretty penny, but the Maple finish gives it that perfect deep drum sound. They also offer drummers the opportunity to have a custom set made, fondly referred to as a Masterworks kit.

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DW Drums

dw drums

Famous for their double-pedal design favoured by metalheads and fast-paced rock, their cutting edge designs put DW on the map ever since they started as a drum school back in 1972. These drums are designed to withstand some serious drumming power and is used by the likes of Dave Grohl. DW has a set specifically for jazz musicians, making the tunings a lot easier than with a regular kit. From the Concept to Design series, there’s is a kit for every level. For those concerned about the environment, the Eco-X Project really puts DW on the map. Professionals should take a look at the Classic and Performance series for gigging.


tama drums

Known as the snare kings, Tama is well-known to serious drummers. Featuring a Bubinga range that is well-suited to hard-hitters, Tama kits are of optimal quality. Favoring Maple and Walnut wood shells, these drum sets are in high demand. For those who prefer a more modern take on a classic kit, the Imperialstar won’t disappoint. It features an 8-ply Poplar shell, know for its perfectly tunable sound.

Spaun Drums

spaun drums

The underdog of the drum set world, Spaun is slowly staking its claim as a brand worth mentioning. Top class finishes and design work does not mean the sound is left wanting. Already endorsing top artists globally, these kits are known to hold their tunings despite heavy hitting. This is crucial to any drummer during gigs. Their Acrylic kits are setting the benchmark where forward-thinking drum design is concerned, however, their LED kits are making waves during concerts, giving drummers the cutting edge.

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Other great drum set brands to look out for are Yamaha, Gretsch, Sonor, and Mapex. Also, check out the following brands for some seriously good cymbals: Zildjian, Sabian, Istanbul Agop, Paiste, Meinl and Istanbul Mehmet.

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