Top 10 Acoustic Guitar Brands For 2015

For an industry that has seen major players like Yamaha and Gibson dominate, it is pleasantly surprising seeing how other brands are fast catching up with them. Acoustic guitar designers are working round the clock refining their products to make them the stand out from the rest. Now, if buying an acoustic guitar is something you have been giving some serious thoughts to but you are confused about what you should be buying, our guide will introduce you to some of the best guitar brands available.

The first thing to consider is whether you will purchase a new or used guitar. Purchasing a new guitar offers you a wider variety, however a used guitar will allow you to purchase something with better specifications for less money. There are many online guitar shops that offer a selection of new and used musical instruments so you can compare and buy the best one for your requirements.

Here are our top 10 acoustic guitar brands to help you in your search.

1. Yamaha

yamaha guitar

From two wheelers to calculators, it is amazing how this brand has managed to make their presence felt in the guitar industry. Some of their acoustic guitars simply known because of the quality and they way they have been built, this brand alone has seen millions and millions of its units being sold.

2. Epiphone

epiphone guitar

Epiphone was making some of the best wooden guitars way before Gibson was born, and it has over all the years put their act together and held one of the best positions for the longest time. A number of their guitar models having been used by Beatles icon Paul McCartney, what else can you possibly ask about this brand.

3. Gibson

gibson acoustic guitar

If you have been in the industry for a while, it is obvious you have seen or come across this brand. Gibson boasts a wide array of acoustic guitars from acoustic to semi acoustic guitars. This brand is mostly used by Rockabilly and Jazz players.

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4. Martin

martin acoustic guitar

If for weeks you have been combing through places looking for a green and sustainable alternative for your guitar, this is possibly what you should be going for next. Some of the most sustainable ingredients having gone into the construction of their guitars, this brand is fast becoming the number choice.

5. Fender

fender acoustic guitar

Having been in the industry for close to 7 decades, this is one of the most popular acoustic guitar designers. Some of their own, Telecaster and Stratocaster currently selling like hot cakes, it is evident; sky is the limit for Fender.

6. Dean

dean acoustic guitar

Most of its model having being made from exotic woods accompanied with some of the best prices in and around the market, Dean models of acoustic computers are currently selling like hot cakes.

7. ESP

esp acoustic guitar

Having seen some of its models sold through out the world, ESP is currently one of the biggest brands of acoustic guitars. Built in pick ups, onboard tuner and preamplifiers are some of the biggest features this bard has managed to incorporate into their designs.

8. Ovation

ovation acoustic guitar

Belonging to a company that is known because of some of the best guitar models, Ovation is currently battling for the top position with other major players. Some of their pieces are unique and come with a number of features that will simply off your mind.

9. Taylor

taylor guitar

Not only does this brand offer quite an array of acoustic guitars, but guitar players can also custom order any guitar model they design. With this, you can actually get the exact type of guitar you want at home and some of the best rates.

10. Seagull

seagull acoustic guitar

Our list would not be complete if we do not bring this brand into our top 10 list. Having been in business since 1982, this acoustic guitar manufacturer currently boasts some of the best priced and best wooden guitar models.

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