Tips on how to sing


If you’re an aspiring singer, it’s essential to learn the basics on how to sing. There are exercises and tips that you’ll need to follow to become the best singer you can be. With these tips and practices, it will help you project your voice and hopefully help you become a better singer.

Breathing exercises

There are a few breathing exercises that you’ll need to follow to help you sing better and project your voice better too. One of the basics includes inhaling and exhaling exercises. This exercise will help extend your diaphragm. Once your diaphragm is extended, you’ll then be able to sing for a longer time.

Another exercise consists of inhaling slowly and letting out a hissing sound when exhaling. When breathing out, you’ll need to keep the hissing sound at a steady pace.


Knowing how to sing on pitch can make a big difference when singing a song. Pitch helps us identify a sound, whether its high or low. Other musicians have an ear for matching the pitch on a song. If you don’t have the ear for it, you don’t have to worry as you can perfect your pitch through practising.

You can improve your pitch by singing along a piano and slightly changing your pitch the other way and then back to your note.


Another factor that affects your singing voice is your overall posture. To be able to sing well, you’ll need to perfect the singing posture. Slouching makes it difficult for us to breathe. If you have a good posture, your breathing will improve.


We all have a unique tone. Everyone’s voice and sound are different and can’t be changed. However, some methods can help us improve the sound of our voice or the way it is projected. The best way to improve is to have a professional or teacher guide you.

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