The Greatest Female Pop Vocalists

Many of the most high profile and celebrated vocalists of our time are frequently compared and contrasted, with people digging through back catalogues and live performance recordings trying to identify who would really come out on top in terms of vocal ability. This is especially true for female pop artists, where competition between fans is truly fierce. As far as we know, these divas haven’t held private competitions to give us a definite answer, but here are some of the proven winners ranked for different skills.

Round 1 – Vocal Range

1) Mariah Carey –

Nobody beats Mariah when it comes to pure range. Her massive discography helps her too, as she’s had plenty of time to show off her ability to jump multiple octaves in a heartbeat.

2) Christina Aguilera –

With a range about an octave shorter than Mariah’s overall, Xtina is known for belting out her notes with more force than the rest of her contemporaries combined, but she can’t quite take the crown for range.

3) Tina Turner –

Although she ranks further down a full list of the top vocal ranges – a full 9 places below Christina if you include the male competitors – Tina Turner’s incredible range still earns a place well above the likes of Beyonce and Adele.

Round 2 – Highest Notes

1) Mariah Carey –

Could this be a clean sweep for Mimi? The Elusive Chanteuse hit her highest note – a glass-shattering G7 – with those ad-libs on her second mega-hit “Emotions”.

2) Christina Aguilera –

For a second time running, Christina misses the mark in terms of highest recorded note. In classic Xtina style, the note that earns her another #2 position is the C#7 she clocks on “The Christmas Song”, a track on her 2000 festive album “My Kind Of Christmas”.

3) Kelly Clarkson –

KC actually ties with Tina on this one, but for variety we’re giving her the spot. She hit a G6 on her 2012 album track “Honestly”, which means she’s the singer with the third highest vocal ability in the current pop scene.

Round 3 – Lowest Notes

1) Nina Simone –

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Nina sits significantly below plenty of her male contemporaries on the complete vocal ranking chart. Out of the divas, however, she goes one note lower than her closest female competitor with a sultry E2 on “Ne Me Quitte Pas”.

2) Mariah Carey –

Finally Ms. Carey gets bumped to second position with an F2 on “Sweetheart” bookending her winning overall range. As far as modern pop goes, however, she can keep the crown for vocal ability looking at this track record.

3) Aretha Franklin = Annie Lennox –

Once Aretha heard about this list, of course she couldn’t stay away, and “I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)” sees her hit a G2 to secure a spot right below Mariah. Annie Lennox ties with her, hitting the same low note on “Coloured Bedspread”, so they’ll have to split the prize between them.

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