How To Succeed As A Live Performer

In the modern age, shortcuts to fame and success are abound and there’s nowhere this is more true than in the music industry. Despite competition getting tougher all the time, people are becoming household names by strange flukes on a regular basis, and even getting long term careers in some cases.

However, if you’re a performing artist, the only way to really get success and sustain it for a long time is to truly perfect your craft. A singer or performer who works hard on developing their own skills really shows, especially in the eyes of a professional. If this is the approach you are going to take with your own career, you will need to learn a few lessons first. Here are some of our top recommendations.

Know how to look after your voice

For a long term singing career to be successful, you obviously need to look after your voice. A lot of singers seem to forget that you won’t necessarily keep getting better with experience if you fail to do this, and many professionals have slowly ruined their own singing ability due to bad habits and poor maintenance.

Warm up appropriately every time

Learn how to perform vocal exercises, warm up properly, check your voice and notice when something is wrong. This is all part of looking after your voice properly. You should know your own voice better than anyone and if something is wrong at the warm-up stage you probably don’t have long to try and correct it.

Think about why you’re doing this

Don’t get caught up in the moment and choose short term enjoyment over your long term career. Singers can’t afford to do things like heavy drinking on a regular basis, smoking cigarettes, neglecting their overall health or failing to rest their voice. The likely result of this kind of behaviour is being unable to perform to the best of your ability, which will always be something you regret if you’re a true professional.

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