Growls & Screams in Modern Metal Music

Oli Sykes

Modern metal music has developed differently all over the world, with bands from various European nations currently dominating the market, but the style has evolved gradually over the decades into something quite different to the heyday of early heavy metal. Much of this transition has been put down to the divisive rise of death growls and screams in today’s metal music, which for some people is off-putting, and for others enhances their enjoyment of the genre even more.

The death growl is a name for the vocal style adopted increasingly in recent years by many hardcore metal bands, also sometimes nicknamed “Cookie Monster vocals”. These harsh, guttural tones are used when performing songs with chaotic, aggressive instrumentals to replace traditional singing. Fans of the style enjoy the way dark and disturbing lyrics are enhanced by this kind of delivery, especially in a live performance setting.

Performing death growls without proper training can be dangerous, and many high profile singers have actually developed vocal chord polyps and other problems due to the pressure the vocal style puts on the throat. There are professional techniques to help minimise this damage, although a death growl by nature involves a lot of strain on the vocal chords.Read more: Growls & Screams in Modern Metal Music

Guitar lessons with RGT registered tutors

Guitar Lessons

Whenever you decide to take on learning a new musical instrument, it can be exciting but hard to imagine the end result. Starting off as a complete novice, what’s the real secret to picking up a skill quickly and mastering an entirely new craft like playing the guitar? It’s a hugely popular instrument and a good player can turn their hand to almost any style of music, but if you’ve never played one before it doesn’t come easy without some pointers in the right direction.

You’ll need to start by finding someone, probably within your local area, that has the appropriate qualifications to teach you. For example, if you were to search for guitar lessons in Edinburgh, you’d certainly find a guitar tutor with relevant experience pretty easily. Bear in mind that just because someone knows how to play the guitar well, that may not make them an ideal tutor by any stretch. Teaching someone else to play a musical instrument probably requires even more patience than you’ll need yourself! At this point you may find yourself wishing there was a way to independently check the skill level of your potential teacher.Read more: Guitar lessons with RGT registered tutors

The Most Popular Musical Instruments

Despite the astonishing range of musical instrumentals, not to mention different music production techniques available thanks to technological developments, some remain more popular than others among people choosing to have professional lessons or take up a particular instrument as a hobby. In the last few years, some changes have also occurred among the top rankings for the most musical instruments.


According to the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, one of the UK’s primary music lesson exam boards, 76% of children between the ages of five and 14 years reported in a 2014 survey that they could play a musical instrument. This compared to a rate of only 41% in 1999, indicated nearly a 100% increase in just fifteen years. This must be great news for anyone concerned that playing musical instruments could be going out of fashion due to electronic music’s popularity.

Not only that, the actual instruments chosen by children to learn have also changed, from looking at the ABRSM statistics. 13% of children in 2014 reported that they play an electric guitar, making it one of the most popular musical instruments in the UK and overtaking the violin, which 12% reported being adept with. The electric guitar was only played by 1% of children in 1999, with 2% playing the violin.Read more: The Most Popular Musical Instruments

The Greatest Female Pop Vocalists

Many of the most high profile and celebrated vocalists of our time are frequently compared and contrasted, with people digging through back catalogues and live performance recordings trying to identify who would really come out on top in terms of vocal ability. This is especially true for female pop artists, where competition between fans is truly fierce. As far as we know, these divas haven’t held private competitions to give us a definite answer, but here are some of the proven winners ranked for different skills.

Round 1 – Vocal Range

1) Mariah Carey –

Nobody beats Mariah when it comes to pure range. Her massive discography helps her too, as she’s had plenty of time to show off her ability to jump multiple octaves in a heartbeat.

2) Christina Aguilera –

With a range about an octave shorter than Mariah’s overall, Xtina is known for belting out her notes with more force than the rest of her contemporaries combined, but she can’t quite take the crown for range.

3) Tina Turner –

Although she ranks further down a full list of the top vocal ranges – a full 9 places below Christina if you include the male competitors – Tina Turner’s incredible range still earns a place well above the likes of Beyonce and Adele.Read more: The Greatest Female Pop Vocalists

The World’s Weirdest Musical Instruments

Sometimes we might be surprised to hear a musical instrument we didn’t expect to pop up in a certain song, be it a sudden saxophone riff, uncharacteristic percussion elements or even the classic surprise guitar solo. But if any of these crazy instruments showed up in a song unexpectedly, you’d probably have a hard time identifying them – especially if you saw what they looked like. Here are some of our favourite insane instruments.



Somewhat traditional compared to the others on our list, but equally bizarre, is the serpent. It’s a distant cousin of both the brass and woodwind families, but since its quirky snake-like design doesn’t have the necessary features to fall under any particular category it is rarely featured in full orchestras.



Assembled originally as a performance piece for The Lyle and Sparkleface Band, the bikelophone incorporates half a bicycle into its complicated setup, along with a host of other more traditional musical elements, all linked and coordinated digitally to gradually build up an entire composition, all technically performed on one instrument.



This aquatic-inspired instrument takes the form of what looks like a metallic giant squid, with its operator standing in the centre. Functioning like a cross between a drum kit and a harmonica, the longest metal tube (9 metres) produces the highest pitched sound.Read more: The World’s Weirdest Musical Instruments

Top 9 Guitarists of All Time

This is a hotly contested field, and it might ultimately come down to personal taste for many people, but some of the world’s best known guitarists have such impressive back catalogues and track records for live performance skills that they simply had to make our top 9 list. Here are all of our top picks, although we wouldn’t go so far as to rank them in order – we leave that to the audience.



An honourable mention to begin with, Prince was known for his incredible range of musical and artistic sensibilities, but some of his guitar performances are up there with the most special moments of his long career that sadly ended with his recent passing.

Jimi Hendrix

Everything about Hendrix’s performance style reinforced the fact that he knew exactly what he was doing when it came to entertaining a crowd. His natural musical talent was unstoppable and carried him through all his performances without

Brian May

Brian May

As part of one of the most original and iconic bands of all time, Brian May shares credit for some of the songs that defined the peak era of Queen. His guitar talents certainly enabled the band to reach the level of success they did, along with Freddie Mercury’s unique influence.Read more: Top 9 Guitarists of All Time

Top 10 Acoustic Guitar Brands For 2015

For an industry that has seen major players like Yamaha and Gibson dominate, it is pleasantly surprising seeing how other brands are fast catching up with them. Acoustic guitar designers are working round the clock refining their products to make them the stand out from the rest. Now, if buying an acoustic guitar is something you have been giving some serious thoughts to but you are confused about what you should be buying, our guide will introduce you to some of the best guitar brands available.

The first thing to consider is whether you will purchase a new or used guitar. Purchasing a new guitar offers you a wider variety, however a used guitar will allow you to purchase something with better specifications for less money. There are many online guitar shops that offer a selection of new and used musical instruments so you can compare and buy the best one for your requirements.

Here are our top 10 acoustic guitar brands to help you in your search.

1. Yamaha

yamaha guitar

From two wheelers to calculators, it is amazing how this brand has managed to make their presence felt in the guitar industry. Some of their acoustic guitars simply known because of the quality and they way they have been built, this brand alone has seen millions and millions of its units being sold.

2. Epiphone

epiphone guitar

Epiphone was making some of the best wooden guitars way before Gibson was born, and it has over all the years put their act together and held one of the best positions for the longest time. A number of their guitar models having been used by Beatles icon Paul McCartney, what else can you possibly ask about this brand.

3. Gibson

gibson acoustic guitar

If you have been in the industry for a while, it is obvious you have seen or come across this brand. Gibson boasts a wide array of acoustic guitars from acoustic to semi acoustic guitars. This brand is mostly used by Rockabilly and Jazz players.

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4. Martin

martin acoustic guitar

If for weeks you have been combing through places looking for a green and sustainable alternative for your guitar, this is possibly what you should be going for next. Some of the most sustainable ingredients having gone into the construction of their guitars, this brand is fast becoming the number choice.

5. Fender

fender acoustic guitar

Having been in the industry for close to 7 decades, this is one of the most popular acoustic guitar designers. Some of their own, Telecaster and Stratocaster currently selling like hot cakes, it is evident; sky is the limit for Fender.Read more: Top 10 Acoustic Guitar Brands For 2015

The Different Types Of Casio Keyboards

There are different types of Casio digital keyboards that are currently available in the markets. Casio Company has developed these devices which suite different people and to tackle various tasks. There are various types which are mind blowing and boggling due to their advance features. The top five keyboards that are under the Casio Company has been developed using current technology in order to handle the arising needs under various settings. The top five Casio keyboards are as enumerated below:

Casio Workstations

Casio Workstations

Casio Workstations are designed for sophisticated and advanced tasks. They are commonly designed to be used by amateur and advanced artists, Some like Casio WK-3800 are designed with modulation for high sound effects. An example of Casio Workstations is Casio CTK1100 which is an amazing powerful Casio keyboard containing 61 keys, over 650 tones, 200 rhythms,17 track compressor, high mixing capabilities and an amazing sound production ability of its speakers. This feature makes this type of keyboard to be the best instrument to use in production of quality music.The price of this Casio keyboard is approximately about three hundred dollars in Casio shops.

Casio Privia Keyboards

Casio Privia Keyboards

They are designed for the piano player with generally heavy weighted keys though they lack tons of tones.This type of Casio keyboard is one the highest demanded and preferred keyboard due to its abilities in sound production. Casio CTK11OO has a large display that makes it easy to read and monitor its usage. Other features of these amazing devices include.

Casio Lighted Keyboards

Casio Lighted Keyboards

Casio Lighted Keyboards contains easy keys that are easy to press and operate by the beginners.They are not touch responsive hence they look so cool and suitable for learning new songs. LK 280 is a Casio Lighted Keyboard with easy-up keys and can play up to 61 note and it contains up to 180 rhythm and accompaniment patterns.It has stereo piano with 600 built-in tones. Other keyboards in this category include LK-175 which has sound EFX sampler, 400 tones and 150 rhythms.Read more: The Different Types Of Casio Keyboards

Top Brands You Need To Know Of When Deciding On A Drum Set

Drummers across the globe all have one thing in common: the desire to keep that beat rolling. Many drummers start out by drumming on their mothers cheap pots and lids, with some drummers happy to air drum. But, there comes a time in any drummers life where this is simply not enough. They need to practice on something solid, something real. The quest for a perfect drum kit is to a drummer what a new car is to a car enthusiast. Any drummer worth their weight will want a good set when they go out gigging, therefore, knowing who the top drum set brands are will ensure a good choice is made. Whether you fawn over classic Maple finishes or want the latest in drum set designs, the following brands won’t disappoint.

Pearl Drum Kits

pear drums

Pearl kits have been a firm favorite of drummers across the globe since the very first batch came out in April 1946. Their entry-level Vision series sports a very sound-friendly Birch finish, however, it is the Export series that most drummers start out on. Moving up to the Master ranges will set any drummer back a pretty penny, but the Maple finish gives it that perfect deep drum sound. They also offer drummers the opportunity to have a custom set made, fondly referred to as a Masterworks kit.

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DW Drums

dw drums

Famous for their double-pedal design favoured by metalheads and fast-paced rock, their cutting edge designs put DW on the map ever since they started as a drum school back in 1972. These drums are designed to withstand some serious drumming power and is used by the likes of Dave Grohl. DW has a set specifically for jazz musicians, making the tunings a lot easier than with a regular kit. From the Concept to Design series, there’s is a kit for every level. For those concerned about the environment, the Eco-X Project really puts DW on the map. Professionals should take a look at the Classic and Performance series for gigging.Read more: Top Brands You Need To Know Of When Deciding On A Drum Set

Check Out These Top Piano Brands

Music soothes the mind and piano makes the soothing of the mind to be more elaborate and touching.Pianos are music instruments that if well played then they can make good singing tunes.Piano tunes will depend on the brand that an individual uses.Six of top piano brands include: Fazioli, Bechstein, Mason and Hamlin,Kawai,Steinway and Sons and Stuart and Sons.

Steinway and sons

steinway and sons

This is one of the top piano brand offered in the market founded by Henry Steinway in the New York city of 1853.The company makes two brands;the Boston and Essex pianos.The two brands of pianos can be joined together to be played as one instrument.The unique features of this make of piano is that the back is star shaped with a string unique scale to allow striking of hammers at the optimal spot.

Stuart and Sons

stuart and sons

This the most recent top piano brands made, made in early 1990’s by Herald.The company has only built 55 pianos since its incorporation.This company produces studio brands and concert brands each of them made of timbers with the pianos having range of between 97-102 keys with a high pitch as compared to other pianos.This pianos are expensive because of the low number produced by the company but good for higher and lower notes because of the fourteen more keys they have

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fazioli piano

Paolo Fazioli a music partisan is the founder of this top piano brands in 1978.This company manufactures some of the biggest pianos in the current market.The price tag of these pianos is approximately $100000 to $300000 because of the small number of pianos it produces a year. Fazioli company specializes in making grand pianos and not upright pianos which approximately weighs 573kg and measures over 8 feet in length.Read more: Check Out These Top Piano Brands