How to make your vocal recordings sound professional

vocal recording

When producing music, it’s crucial to create a professional vocal recording. Providing an excellent vocal recording is vital for mixing it with music. A bad quality recording can easily ruin everything. Before we start, be aware that all of our voices are different which means that you will need to find the right settings that work well with your voice. Copying recording settings from a top-selling artist may not work with your voice and may end up ruining your recording. If you’re struggling with creating a good vocal record, we’re here to help.


When recording, you need to ensure that you are away from everything. Ideally, you want to be recording in a room where you only have the necessary equipment and nothing else. The room has to be reasonably dry. Buying extra equipment such a room ambience will help with your recording. You may also want to invest in a vocal booth to create the perfect environment for recording.


High-quality equipment is essential to create better results; however, bear in mind that our voice may work differently with different devices. So when buying the equipment, don’t always go for the high price. Instead, you can test the devices and see which one works well with your voice. The more material you try, the better as you can compare and see which one is most suited for you.


Equalising your vocals with the right frequencies is critical. It’s worth knowing the correct frequencies for both female and male. Usually, females frequencies can be raised from 2kHz and males from 3 kHz. Once you’ve recorded, you may want to check how it sounds on other devices such to see if it sounds similar.


When recording you will notice the breathing sounds and depending on your preference, you can reduce or increase this to however you want. You may edit the breathing sounds according to the flow of the music. Our main tips for breathing sounds is to either use a fade in or fade out and never cut them out.

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