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The Most Popular Musical Instruments

Despite the astonishing range of musical instrumentals, not to mention different music production techniques available thanks to technological developments, some remain more popular than others among people choosing to have professional lessons or take up a particular instrument as a hobby. In the last few years, some changes have also occurred among the top rankings for the most musical instruments.


According to the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, one of the UK’s primary music lesson exam boards, 76% of children between the ages of five and 14 years reported in a 2014 survey that they could play a musical instrument. This compared to a rate of only 41% in 1999, indicated nearly a 100% increase in just fifteen years. This must be great news for anyone concerned that playing musical instruments could be going out of fashion due to electronic music’s popularity.

Not only that, the actual instruments chosen by children to learn have also changed, from looking at the ABRSM statistics. 13% of children in 2014 reported that they play an electric guitar, making it one of the most popular musical instruments in the UK and overtaking the violin, which 12% reported being adept with. The electric guitar was only played by 1% of children in 1999, with 2% playing the violin.Read more: The Most Popular Musical Instruments

The Different Types Of Casio Keyboards

There are different types of Casio digital keyboards that are currently available in the markets. Casio Company has developed these devices which suite different people and to tackle various tasks. There are various types which are mind blowing and boggling due to their advance features. The top five keyboards that are under the Casio Company has been developed using current technology in order to handle the arising needs under various settings. The top five Casio keyboards are as enumerated below:

Casio Workstations

Casio Workstations

Casio Workstations are designed for sophisticated and advanced tasks. They are commonly designed to be used by amateur and advanced artists, Some like Casio WK-3800 are designed with modulation for high sound effects. An example of Casio Workstations is Casio CTK1100 which is an amazing powerful Casio keyboard containing 61 keys, over 650 tones, 200 rhythms,17 track compressor, high mixing capabilities and an amazing sound production ability of its speakers. This feature makes this type of keyboard to be the best instrument to use in production of quality music.The price of this Casio keyboard is approximately about three hundred dollars in Casio shops.

Casio Privia Keyboards

Casio Privia Keyboards

They are designed for the piano player with generally heavy weighted keys though they lack tons of tones.This type of Casio keyboard is one the highest demanded and preferred keyboard due to its abilities in sound production. Casio CTK11OO has a large display that makes it easy to read and monitor its usage. Other features of these amazing devices include.

Casio Lighted Keyboards

Casio Lighted Keyboards

Casio Lighted Keyboards contains easy keys that are easy to press and operate by the beginners.They are not touch responsive hence they look so cool and suitable for learning new songs. LK 280 is a Casio Lighted Keyboard with easy-up keys and can play up to 61 note and it contains up to 180 rhythm and accompaniment patterns.It has stereo piano with 600 built-in tones. Other keyboards in this category include LK-175 which has sound EFX sampler, 400 tones and 150 rhythms.Read more: The Different Types Of Casio Keyboards

Check Out These Top Piano Brands

Music soothes the mind and piano makes the soothing of the mind to be more elaborate and touching.Pianos are music instruments that if well played then they can make good singing tunes.Piano tunes will depend on the brand that an individual uses.Six of top piano brands include: Fazioli, Bechstein, Mason and Hamlin,Kawai,Steinway and Sons and Stuart and Sons.

Steinway and sons

steinway and sons

This is one of the top piano brand offered in the market founded by Henry Steinway in the New York city of 1853.The company makes two brands;the Boston and Essex pianos.The two brands of pianos can be joined together to be played as one instrument.The unique features of this make of piano is that the back is star shaped with a string unique scale to allow striking of hammers at the optimal spot.

Stuart and Sons

stuart and sons

This the most recent top piano brands made, made in early 1990’s by Herald.The company has only built 55 pianos since its incorporation.This company produces studio brands and concert brands each of them made of timbers with the pianos having range of between 97-102 keys with a high pitch as compared to other pianos.This pianos are expensive because of the low number produced by the company but good for higher and lower notes because of the fourteen more keys they have

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fazioli piano

Paolo Fazioli a music partisan is the founder of this top piano brands in 1978.This company manufactures some of the biggest pianos in the current market.The price tag of these pianos is approximately $100000 to $300000 because of the small number of pianos it produces a year. Fazioli company specializes in making grand pianos and not upright pianos which approximately weighs 573kg and measures over 8 feet in length.Read more: Check Out These Top Piano Brands