The Best Methods To Improve Your Singing Tone

It’s very difficult to create a good relationship with your audience and perform successfully if you don’t have a pleasant tone to your singing voice. Although it has been done (we won’t name any names here), we wouldn’t advise trying to succeed as a singer until you work on your tone. The best way to do this may vary between individuals, but there are a few good methods we recommend you try.

Firstly, you need to open your mouth when you sing. If that sounds obvious, perhaps you’re doing it right already, but there’s actually a good chance you could improve on this very basic aspect of singing. A lot of people struggle, for whatever reason, to get their words out properly and enunciate clearly while singing. Sometimes this seems to be the style they are doing for, but from a professional point of view this isn’t considered a talent.

Tone comes into it because you will certainly be limiting your own natural ability when you fail to open your mouth properly. It’s impossible to show your vocal range while doing this, so your tone will suffer. You should be opening your mouth a lot more to sing than you would when you’re speaking to someone. After all, the desired effect is completely different, so you have to practice this no matter how unnatural it feels at first.

Tone is also significantly affected by the flow of air through your lungs and your mouth. Getting more air flowing will usually help your tone, making it sound more pleasant and consistent. If you don’t get enough air going through your system while you sing then you’re going to be limiting your own potential again.

You also need to make sure you are accessing your nasal vocal range and using it appropriately to add some texture to your voice. If you stick with a middle-of-the-road tone and don’t push your voice in interesting directions, it’s going to sound bland as your performance goes on. Using a bit of nasality will add some interest and personality to your tone, as long as you don’t go over the top. Balancing resonance effectively is a hallmark of a great performer.

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