The Benefits Of Being Proficient In Multiple Instruments

It’s all very well being a master of a particular art form, for example playing one particular musical instrument. However, how do you know what you’re missing if you stay focused on one perspective all the time? People who are able to play more than one instrument often gain many additional skills and insights, so it might be worth considering for you. Here are just a few of the benefits you might gain from doing this.

Better knowledge of music theory

Expanding your horizons when it comes to different types of instruments can give you a much deeper and more thorough understand of music as a whole, compared to just specialising in one area. You may find that you have a greater appreciation for other areas of music that you never considered much before learning another instrument.

Picking up skills faster

The more instruments you learn how to play, the easier it will be to learn even more. This is because you gradually build up a bank of transferable skills alongside those specific things you learned along the way. Musical skills can apply across the board so you might learn new things that help you play your favourite instrument every time you experiment with a different one.

Broadening your options

If you have mastered more than one instrument, then you will have more opportunities to play as part of an orchestra or a band. If necessary you may be able to fill in for other people as required, which makes you more of a valuable asset.

More career choices

By the same token, adding new instruments to your repertoire gives you additional options when it comes to a professional career in music. You could even be on your way to becoming a professional music teacher or tutor if you have a better understanding of music as a whole from playing many different instruments.

Being less reliant on others

Ultimately, you will gain flexibility from not having to rely on other people’s specific skills. If you want to have your own band, even if it’s just for music production and not for actual performances, it’s nice to work with other people but it’s even better to have a backup plan. If you can play all the instruments you need, enjoying playing in a group is just a bonus but you won’t need to get stressed if someone lets you down.

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