A Review on the Best Violin Brands

Are you looking for the best violin to purchase? Do you wish to upgrade to a better violin? Choosing the right violin can be quite difficult. However, what do top violin brands necessitate? It’s really not about the price as this never guarantees excellence. Considering cost, sound quality and durability, we’ve rounded up top violin brands that will assist you in finding the best violin for you.


stentor violin

Arguably one of the most popular violin brands, Stentor offers high quality and durable instruments. Recommended by most violin teachers, Stentor violins are ideal for beginners, although they offer high quality orchestra constructions. They are well built and reliable. Employing quality tone-woods and superior thickness in their design, Stentor violins produce warm sounds and tones, useful for beginner students. Quality is enhanced by ebony made pegs and fingerboards, making Stentor violins as good as they sound. Ranging from 150$-200$, Stentor offers a great option, from the learner stage all the way to the accomplished stage of a professional violinist.


knilling violin

Popularly known among violin teachers and beginner students, the Knilling brand is ideal for those operating on fair budgets. They boast high quality craftsmanship as their violins are outfitted with ebony fingerboards and boxwood pegs, not forgetting their “Helicore” and “Thomastik Dominant” quality strings. Knilling violins are normally priced at around 500$ and this would be a perfect start for a beginner student. Once purchased, the Knilling bundle comes with the violin, bow, case, wire stand, rosin, tuner as well as a shoulder rest and off course a cloth for cleaning.



Founded in 1899, Cremona has since been able to come up with great violins suiting the needs of both beginners and intermediate violinists. The ability to design high quality instruments and bows from beginner to professional models highlights Cremona as a top violin brand. The violins are strong and durable. The high quality chin rests and tailpieces make Cremona violins attractive to the eye. Sound quality is also amazing, owing maybe to the fact that their makers have been trained by German and Italian masters. With 300$, you may settle for the company’s student violin, which will truly inspire you to the art of becoming a professional violinist.

Scott Cao

scot cao violin

The Scott Cao brand is preferred to intermediate violinists willing to upgrade and possessing a larger budget. Maker Scott Shu-Kun Cao incorporates first class Italian spruce and Bosnian maple to come up with top quality instruments being used by professional violinists and musicians around the globe. Scott Cao violins offer excellent tone and quality, receiving praises everywhere by trainers. Get a complete case beginner violin outfit for about 500$. The good thing is you can upgrade individual elements of the Scott Cao violin to your own personal tastes and preferences.


Cecilo is definitely a top violin brand having been approved by professional teachers around the world. From violinist of all levels, Cecilo has won the hearts of many with their high quality bows and handcrafted violins that are appealing. Named after St Cecillia, Cecilo violins can undoubtedly make heavenly music for you and your audience. Being put through rigorous tests by the company, these violins are certainly fit for purpose! Cecilo boasts using top quality maple and spruce wood in its architecture ensuring fine and durable violins produced. For a beginner, acquire a student Cecilo violin for about 200$.


Generally, when it comes to buying a violin, the experience is fun. However, it remains a difficult decision on which brand to select coupled by an important factor, price. You may wish to consider a violin with quality sound. The above tips will nonetheless guide you to find the perfect violin brand for you.

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  1. Did you know that having the best violin can also make you a better violinist? You already know a skilled player can bring out the best in the instrument, but the opposite also occurs. Having a quality violin will allow you to produce the best sound possible with less effort.

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