Month: March 2017

How To Build Your Confidence As A Singer

If you are a professional or aspiring singer, it’s easy to get preoccupied with the physical aspects of your performance. You will need to follow certain rules and procedures to physically keep your voice in the best possible condition, and it is true that physical factors mean a lot.

However, something that people forget about is confidence. This can actually have a major effect on the way you sound, even if you don’t realise it. Unfortunately, this problem has the potential to grow into a self-fulfilling prophecy, as worrying about your own ability to perform can actually make your performance worse.

So how can you overcome a confidence issue? Whether this is a chronic issue for you, or you just suffer from nerves occasionally before important performances, it’s definitely an issue that’s worth resolving and it’s definitely possible with a little work. Here are three methods to remember which should help you build your confidence gradually.

1) Identify any causes for your problem

If possible, you should try to figure out why you might have confidence issues and if there is something specific you need to address. You might find that getting to the root cause of your fear can have a profound effect on your ability to perform comfortably.

2) Understand what draws people to singers

Creating a relationship with people who listen to you through the way that you sing is very difficult, but crucial if you want to truly succeed. Singing technically well isn’t enough. You also need to be strategic about what you choose to sing, how you deliver it and many other small decisions which make up your overall performance. This will help you gradually gain confidence.

3) Rationalise the risks

In order to stop yourself from panicking, you need to think logically about the consequences of failure in a way that helps you keep things in perspective. Dealing with pressure is an important part of performing confidently, and the fear of rejection may be the most important barrier for you to overcome.

4) Get professional lessons

Most professional singing tutors will be able to teach you about confidence and help you overcome your own personal problems with it. Since this is a major part of performing, you can expect these kinds if things to be covered whenever you arrange a lesson with someone who’s good at what they do.