Month: December 2016

Traditional Instruments Coming Back to Pop?

In terms of the majority of mainstream pop music over the past decade, the rise of EDM (electronic dance music) has been one of the most widely recognised success stories. Having already gone through numerous evolutions over just the past few years, the basic formula of EDM looks set to grip the charts for the foreseeable future in some form or another.

But what is to be said for traditional musical instruments and bands? In a market where the two fields couldn’t look further apart, many artists and producers are showing an interest in going back to these concepts. There are various ways in which modern, mostly electronic pop music can be combined with traditional elements, which has always been found across various genres, but others are making a conscious effort to shun modern techniques entirely, at least on some of their work.


A fusion of different styles is usually the most commonly seen form of this renewed interest in classic musical instruments. There are many examples of recent trends involving this, such as the resurgence of the banjo in pop music that was noted a couple of years ago by Time magazine. The widely ignored string instrument suddenly found its way into EDM and pop, indicating a potential revival on the horizon for warmer, less synthetic sounds, even in dance music made for nightclubs. In the last couple of years, examples of saxophones and other woodwind riffs being used prominently in pop songs (even if they are synthesised) have also multiplied quickly.Read more: Traditional Instruments Coming Back to Pop?